SBP2 Pushbutton/Pendant Stations

Magnetek SBP2 Pushbutton Pendant Stations

SBP2 Pushbutton/Pendant Stations provide optimum control and performance with less effort and fatigue. SBP2 was designed to survive even the most brutal environments. It’s a high-impact resistant and watertight enclosure. It is ideally suited for any industrial application. Most models weigh under two pounds. The SBP2 pendant rests easily and comfortably in the palm of your hand because its slim-line design. The SBP2 has gone through extensive testing to ensure quality and years of reliable service. Standard SBP2 pendants are available from stock. We can even ship the same day we receive your order. SBP2 may also be customized with a variety of accessories to meet any application requirement.

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