Heavy duty crane system modernization and upgrade is a specialty of Engineered Lifting Systems and Ace World Industries manufactures the best heavy duty hoists, heavy capacity end trucks and heavy duty gearboxes in the world today. For more information about Ace products and crane modernization please contact Engineered Lifting.

Ace Heavy Duty Hoists

Standard or Custom Engineered

Ace manufactures heavy duty hoists designed to perform in the most demanding conditions and are available to meet CMAA Class “F”.

Special applications and features include:

  • Hazardous Locations Hoists
  • Hot Metal Hoists
  • Low Headroom Hoists
  • Polar Hoists
  • Twin Drum Bucket Hoists
  • Critical Lift Applications
  • Heavy Magnet Lifting Applications
  • Motorized Lifting Beams
  • Motorized Hook Blocks
  • Bucket Hoists
  • Twin Drum Hoists
  • Transfer Cars

Read more about Ace hoists here.

Ace Heavy Duty Cranes

Ace Heavy Duty Cranes include standard cranes CMAA Class “C” and “D” and specially engineered cranes for Class “D”, “E” and “F”, including:

  • Single girder cranes
  • Double girder cranes
  • Top running cranes
  • Under running cranes
  • Stacker cranes
  • Gantry cranes

Read more about Ace heavy duty cranes here.

Ace Heavy Duty End Trucks

Ace Heavy Duty End Trucks include standard or custom engineered designs for CMAA Class “C” and “D” standard with custom designs available through Class “F”

  • Fixed axle under running and top running
  • Single and double girder applications
  • Rotating axle
  • Single and double girder applications
  • 90 degree MCB and AP bearings available
  • Capacities through 800 tons
  • 90% of components are designed and manufactured in house
  • Ace typically has the best delivery in the industry

For more information about Ace heavy duty cranes, hoists, endtrucks and our crane modernization services please contact Engineered Lifting today.

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