Magnetek Electrobar 8-Bar Enclosed Electrification Systems

With 8-Bar systems being a staple of the overhead crane and monorail applications, Magnetek’s Electrobar 8-Bar is a great choice for your next project.

The 8-Bar (sometimes referred to as Figure 8 Bar) is available in 90, 110, and 350 amp ratings, and in addition to the standard cover, a high temperature cover is available rated to 280° Fahrenheit.


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  • Application

    Magnetek offers both single and double shoe collectors for this system, and the bar is ideal for curve applications on your monorail system (normally down to a 5′-0″ radius).

    For the simple crane system in your shop or production, Magnetek has you covered with the Electrobar 8-Bar offering.

    FABA 100 Conductor Systems

    When considering an application for automated or semi-automated carriers on a monorail system, you have to look carefully at the electrification system. For a system with a proven track record in automotive plant production, Magnetek FABA 100 conductor systems are an excellent choice for design and maintenance.

    Specifically designed to prevent accidental contact with current, the individual bars are provided in a PVC cover that is both impact resistant and non-flammable. Magnetek’s FABA meets the stringent European standards for finger safe design.

    Engineered Lifting Systems has applied these systems for use in automation including PLC based systems with HMI command. Carriers for automotive, or robotic applications are perfect for this system.

    FABA’s specially designed, compression spring-loaded collector shoes won’t jump out of the rails as other designs allow even on curves and interlocks. These collectors can operate over miles of installed FABA systems. If you are building cars, boats, or even motorcycles you should consider FABE as a replacement for existing bar, or your next project!


    Installation Instructions

    Standard Components

    ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar System

    Magnetek Electrobar Elite provides a specific solution to several applications.

    Engineered Lifting Systems has provided these on Gorbel systems, shop gantries and assembly lines. In assembly line applications where workers are always in close proximity to the conductor system, this product provides a maximum of protection from accidental contact.

    This product is handy to apply as the trolley rolls inside of the track, so the collector staff (or lack of a collector staff) can be flexible.

    If you have a production line where hand tools are used and the workstations need to stay flexible, this system is fantastic as you can just add more trolleys as needed, or move them in the track. ELS has provided this system in 110-1-60 VAC applications to great success, but Elite Bar is a viable solution in 230/460-3-60 applications too.

    See the below brochure, 4 pole (conductors) and 5 pole configurations are available, with 20-100 amp ratings normal, although specific applications can be rated up to 200 amps.


    Instruction Manual

    ELECTROBAR® FS (Finger Safe) Conductor Bar System

    The future is here, and it is Magnetek FS Bar! The FS stands for “finger safe”, to help prevent accidental contact to a live electrical circuit.

    But this bar is far from just an extremely safe bar system. The bar itself it has a “inverted V” contact surface that keeps the collectors centered and wearing evenly without wearing the cover.

    The splices are bolted, so as opposed to conventional figure-8 bar systems, you do not see hotspots long term, or loss of current.

    Conductors can be provided in 90, 110, 125, 250 and 400 Amp ratings, and bar cover provided in PVC “orange” in color, or “green” for ground conductors.

    Standard hangers for 3 or 4 pole applications, snap-in, or bolted requirements are available. Collectors furnished with a single shoe (brush), or double shoe up to 200 amp capacity.

    If you have an application for conductor bar and are unsure of which Magnetek system is best for you, simply call Engineered Lifting Systems.



    ELECTROBAR® HX-Bar Insulated Conductor Bar System

    Magnetek’s complete offering of electrification includes HX bar systems for high amperage requirements. Electrobar HX Systems can accommodate 600 Volt AC and 250 Volt DC applications, at 400, 700, and 1000 amps continuous current.

    This bar, like it’s smaller brother the FS bar, features an “Inverted V” contact surface, providing a great operation of the collectors and collector shoes. Rated for use in environments up to 160° F ambient temperature the aluminum alloy extruded line elements with stainless-steel lined contact surface provide better performance and increase durability.


    Installation Manual

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