Being one of the premier Magnetek modernization distributors has the advantage of our being involved directly with hardware and software solutions provided by Magnetek for overhead crane and hoist applications. Engineered Lifting Systems has furnished Magnetek cataloged and non-cataloged (custom) equipment and engineering to solve a host of overhead crane requirements.

Whether you want to improve your crane’s reliability by upgrading to Magnetek’s VG+ and G+ series of variable frequency drives, all the way down to a replacement pushbutton station for an electric chain hoist you will find Magnetek’s products a perfect fit! This page is dedicated to some of the projects Engineered Lifting Systems has performed using Magnetek products, and other products and services that are available.

These controls are the modernization panels for a Class E clamshell crane used outdoors in the Midwest 365 days a year. The hoist drives feature bucket control custom software, and all controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure with thermostat and heaters.


  • Magnetek Vg Control1
    When your existing controls fail, save some time and money and buy your Magnetek Controls “pre-wired” on a back plate that drops-in your old enclosure. The VG+ drive replaced a Drivecon hoist drive that had failed on a 40 hp hoist application. Original conduit and wiring was re-used.
  • Magnetek Vg Control2
  • Magnetek Vg Control3
    Complete Magnetek Panel supplied for a Class D cab operated (telePendant radio for maintenance use) crane with twin trolley/hoists. VG+ Hoist drives feature Magnetek Drive Synchronization Software to allow high speed lifting with unequal loads. See Custom Software Link above for more information.

Magnetek DC Magnet Control

MagnePulse is here and offers an alternative to old DC magnet controls.

Based on Magnetek’s highly successful OmniPulse control for DC cranes, this control has digital of the magnet’s “repel” circuit, stepped current for programmed lifts, diagnostics and Impulse Link 4.1 wireless compatible. See the MagnePulse brochure for more information, or contact Engineered Lifting Systems.

Remember to think of upgrading your cranes before replacing them! In the below newsletter from Magnetek they give an overview of many possibilities for modernizing cranes and monorails.

See the Evolution 8 newsletter.

The below photos are from crane modernizations Engineered Lifting Systems has performed making these cranes more efficient and reliable.

Don’t forget Magnetek has gone green! Two of the above projects gave the customer’s the ability to put the current in deceleration back on the grid rather than dynamic braking resistors. Don’t throw away that old power, reuse it!

For more information about how Engineered Lifting can assist you with Magnetek drives, controls and software and our crane modernization services for bringing older cranes to life with new technology improvements, please contact Engineered Lifting today.