Engineered Lifting Systems has standard and custom crane cabs available for any overhead crane. Crane cabs for charging cranes, ladle cranes, magnet cranes, ship yards, and many more have been designed and provided.

In molten metal service, overhead crane cabs are insulated with heat shields, bullet proof glass, and even sacrificial glass is often used.

Outdoor crane cabs can be constructed from steel or stainless steel, with air conditioning and heat for crane operator’s comfort.

Integrating plant production systems, or HMI over view is common these days in crane cabs, keeping the operators abreast of plant needs.

This overhead crane cab in fabrication was placed into service handling billets

Custom Class E service crane cab ready for installation

This was one of two custom crane cabs installed on sister cranes. The cabs were both “cab on trolley” used in shipping.

Here is the second cab, installed and ready to go.

Inside this custom overhead crane cab, the operator has full vision, an HMI screen, and a plant production screen. This is also a small refrigerator in this cab.

These cabs replaced old cabs on cranes used for charging and a ladle crane. They feature remote access, integration with the existing cranes, and significant structural work engineered to support the cabs.

This ladle crane cab has full view, a jumper seat for training, complete J.R. Merritt chair system, and Magnetek control systems.

Here is a completed custom crane cab project showing off the J.R. Merritt “Synergy” chair system

Let Engineered Lifting Systems design your next overhead crane cabs.