Lube Free Air Hoists & Trolley Systems

1 Ton Capacity


6 Ton Capacity

50 Ton Capacity

PROFI Series Hoists from J. D. Neuhaus JDN PROFI air hoists are engineered for rugged applications with robust construction suitable for tough industrial lifting applications including 100 percent duty cycle continuous working processes. We have a full range of control systems and air or hydraulic drive trolleys for traversing loads to meet your lifting and handling requirements.
Standard features:
  • Suitable for use in explosion proof and hazardous environment work areas
  • Infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for lube-free air host and trolley operation
  • Frequent switching and extended duty cycles
  • Low maintenance
  • Low headroom, lightweight
  • Sound absorption
  • Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging form -20°C up to + 70°C
  • From 1 ton upwards with overload protection (EC-version)
JDN Profi Hoist Technical Details:
  • Fail-safe starting conditions
  • Low maintenance vane motor
  • Chain sprocket in the mid section runs in dust proof maintenance free ball bearings
  • Planetary gear in long life grease lubrication
  • All teeth made of tempered or hardened high grade steel chain and hook of high quality tempered steels with a breaking strength of five times the nominal load

Lube Free Air Hoists MINI Series from J. D. Neuhaus

JDN Mini Air Host
JDN Mini Air Hoist Trolley
The Economical Line of Light Capacity Air Hoists
Advantages at a glance:
  • Interesting and inexpensive alternative even to electric chain hoists
  • Suitable for lube-free operation
  • Suitable for application in hazardous areas
  • Few components for ease of maintenance
  • Wear resistant motor braking system
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Also suitable for horizontal pulling
  • Extremely sensitive lever control with emergency shut-off valve, maximum control length 20 feet
  • Available lifting heights: 10 feet (3m), 16 feet (5m), 26 feet (8m)
  • Chain box as standard
  • JBN Mini 250

MINI Manipulator Hoists from J. D. Neuhaus

Lift and Position Payloads Quickly and Efficiently with One Handed Operation With the Mini Manipulator loads can be lifted, lowered, manually traversed and fed with only one hand. At the same time lifting and lowering speeds can be sensitively regulated by push button control. Light weight make the Mini Manipulator easy to handle. Advantages at a glance:
  • Precise positioning and variable lifting/lowering speeds by sensitive direct control.
  • One-hand operation for lifting, lowering and feeding of loads.
  • Optional manual trolley allows manual traversing.
  • Low weight for comfortable handling.
  • High lifting speeds for efficient moving of loads.

MINI Manipulator Series hoist specifications Specs for PROFI hoists to 100 tons. NEW PROFI light capacity hoist specifications from half to 2 tons. MINI Series economical hoist specifications to 1 ton.