As a stand-alone product, or built into complete crane controls, Magnetek’s offering of AC Line Regenerative drives can be used in your Class E or Class F overhead crane.

Rather than use dynamic braking resistors to “dump” current when braking or decelerating, these drives can be used to return the surplus regenerative energy and return it to the AC power source, used by other functions, and even used by other cranes on the same runway. A single 690 VDC bus can be used between multiple drives on one crane to make the power available to any motion.

Primarily the best use of these is for cranes that have high usage, with high braking cycles and continuous operation.

  • Waste to Energy cranes used in refuse handling
  • Scrap Magnet cranes
  • Ingot cranes
  • Production cranes in steel manufacturing
  • Shipping cranes in steel manufacturing
  • Bloom handling cranes
  • Clamshell crane in dredging operations, or cement plants

In extreme environments where there is constant dust, or outdoor overhead cranes that are exposed to rain, cold or hot weather, these regenerative systems eliminate banks of resistors that are often affected by these conditions.

These systems can be supplied for individual motions, complete overhead cranes, new cranes and equipment, or as a part of any modernization.


Magnetek’s Impulse R is built for lower horsepower applications, where you are looking to replace dynamic braking units and resistors on existing controls. The Impulse R is best suited for modernizations and segmented crossover to power regeneration.





A more efficient regenerative system, and meeting IEEE 519 specifications because of the very high quality of power produced. Impulse D+ drives are suited for generic chassis drive applications, with horsepower ratings from 5HP to 450HP at 460VAC, and up to 150HP at 230VAC. Selection of this drive compared to the HHP is based on the specific application.



This is the regenerative inverter platform for Class E and Class F cranes that have continuous operations. All motions can be tied together and the regenerative power can be made available for any motion. These controls reduce power consumption and less maintenance.

The Impulse D+HHP utilizes Active Front End (AFE) technology to maximize crane control efficiencies with extremely low line harmonics. IMPULSE D+ HHP units exceed the requirements defined by IEEE 519 and the common bus architecture allows the drives to share energy. Enclosures are offered with open chassis, NEMA 1, forced air cooled, or air conditioned options.




When you decide to spend less on maintenance and power, you just cannot beat the offering from Magnetek. We have installed these now on several Class E and F cranes and they are bullet-proof.

If you have an application, Engineered Lifting Systems can provide an analysis for you that will show you the savings using these products. Just call the Crane Doctor Eric Brown or contact Engineered Lifting Systems.