Working in extreme conditions? Choose the Telemotive Magnetek SLTX and our 18K receiver. The 18K features the custom engineering of the Telemotive 8K System coupled with the new modular design of the 10KM system. The 18K offers both FCC Part 90 licensed, and FCC Part 15, non-licensed.

SLTX Features and Specifications

New Battery End Cap Design

  • Makes battery easier to service, charge and replace
  • Charge the battery without taking the transmitter out of service
  • No need to open the transmitter and expose electronics
  • Superior battery contacts
  • New battery design makes the SLTX lighter weight than the previous lead acid battery system

Improved Durability

  • Super tough nylon end caps
  • Stronger handle design

More Environmentally Friendly Battery With Longer Life Cycle

  • All SLTX now come standard with 2 NiMH batteries and one charger

Select The Style That’s Right For Your Application

  • Now available in synchronized Part 15 and Part 90
  • Backward compatible with all 18K and inteleSmart systems
  • Also backward compatible with most 10K and 8K systems (consult factory)

Synthesized Modules Enhance Flexibility In The Field

  • Up to 4 selectable frequencies on Part 90 VHF
  • On Part 15 UHF, up to 31 selectable frequencies, easily changed without complicated programming devices

Surface Mount Technology

  • SLTX circuit boards feature SMT rather than conventional through-hole technology
  • Higher quality, smaller, more durable circuit boards mean enhanced reliability

SLTX Specifications:

  • Size: from 8.25”(L) x 6.75”(W) x 6.875”(H) Length varies depending on configuration.
  • Weight: Approximately 5 lbs. Dependant on configuration
  • Case: Super tough nylon
  • Range: 300 feet to 2000 feet
  • Antenna: Built-in and/or external

18K Receiver Features

  • Custom engineering as the application requires
  • Modular construction for ease of configuration and maintenance
  • Up to 64 programmable outputs
  • Pitch & Catch or Multibox operation options
  • Stepless interfaces available
  • Contact monitoring capability
  • NEMA 4 standard, NEMA 4X Enclosure available
  • Regulatory option:
    • Licensed: FCC Part 90, IC Part C
    • Non-licensed: FCC Part 15, IC Part K
  • Up to 16 selectable licensed frequencies
  • Available in AC or DC

You can download the SLTX Brochure and the SLTX Technical Data Sheet here.

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