Engineered Lifting Systems provides Ace World Companies heavy duty “Engineered” overhead cranes for many applications. These cranes typically have specifications beyond the standards of CMAA, NEC, OSHA or other governing bodies for overhead crane design.

These cranes are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of industry, including Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Marine, and Power Generation.

Engineered features include:

  • Master Car Builder (MCB) bearings
  • Rigid wall conduit
  • Special wiring sizes and types of wiring
  • Specified girder deflections
  • Static Stepless, Static Simulation or Variable Frequency control
  • Class D, Class E, and Class F applications
  • Outdoor applications
  • Special Paint
  • Full length platforms and crossovers
  • Heavy Duty I-beam festoon systems
  • NEMA 12, NEMA 4, and even NEMA 9 control enclosures
  • Anti-sway reeving for automated applications
  • Specialty cranes to satisfy your custom requirements

All cranes are factory assembled and disassembled only as necessary for transport to your facility.

Download an Ace World crane and hoist capabilities brochure in PDF..

End view of a 300-ton crane with auxiliary hoist

80-ton capacity box girder shipping.

This is a 125-ton capacity Class D crane on the assembly floor. Notice the bogey end trucks!

50-ton trolley/hoist, Class F rated, with wrap-around OSHA service platform.

Semi gantry, full gantry, top running, under hung, and even stacker specialty cranes can be built for your needs!

90 degree Master Car Builder bearing boxes on a bogie endtruck, Class F rated.

Engineered Lifting Systems can provide the reliability, design and fabricating excellence of Ace World Companies Overhead Cranes for you application. For more information about Ace heavy duty cranes, hoists, endtrucks and our crane modernization services please contact Engineered Lifting today.