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Countless industries can rely on Engineered Lifting System as their NORD Flexbloc Parts Dealer. NORD Flexbloc products are known to be extremely versatile, compact, and efficient drive systems. Listing out the potential applications of these powerful brake motors and brake assemblies would take an entire page — read on to learn more about NORD parts and how ELS can help you improve efficiency and reduce downtime if your manufacturing line is experiencing (or wanting to approve) a process. Call our specialists today at 866-756-1200 or 866-756-1202. You can get in touch online here.

As one of the premiere providers of NORD Flexboc across the United States, it’s important for us to deliver parts for both industrial and commercial clients. One of the strengths of the NORD Flexboc brand is that the parts are modular, compact, and flexible. These drive systems can be customized to meet industry standards for any process or need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our specialists today to learn more about these high-quality drive parts to improve your operations.

What is NORD Flexbloc?

There are a couple of different characteristics that define NORD products. For one, they are known for saving space in various systems. They helps manufacturers in the design and implementation of worm brake systems. See below for a few other advantages of choosing NORD parts:

  • Application-specific versions for brake solutions
  • Low-noise thresholds
  • High overload capacity
  • Aluminum housing to meet weight restrictions
  • Options like a 10:1 helical pre-stage and double worm unit
  • Output shafts for bearing high capacity loads

Engineered Lifting Systems’ team of experts provide grade-A advice when you’re looking for a NORD part or system-wide solution. Our experience and range of capabilities goes beyond cranes and control systems — with NORD as a product option, manufacturers have plenty of optimal braking options that work to improve existing (or future) operations. We’re proud to be one of the leading NORD Flexbloc distributors in North America. Contact ELS now for more information about NORD and our other supply solutions.

More About NORD Flexbloc’s Capabilities

Regarding drive systems, NORD is an unparalleled supplier. The company started in 1965 as a modern gear manufacturer. NORD began to set roots across the world and purchase various other companies. Today, having a complete drive solution makes it more efficient for customers to purchase worm brake assemblies and other parts.

NORD Flexbloc is among these easy-to-assemble and modular solutions that more than 100 different types of industries find both practical and efficient. NORD parts are both versatile and consistent. They design parts specifically for input and output mounting, output shaft options, and other technical necessities based on the customer’s needs.

Here are a few industries NORD Flexbloc has served in the past:

  • >Intralogistics: Parcel distribution, airports, warehousing
  • Food & Beverage: Bakeries, fruit and vegetable farming, beverages, meat and dairy
  • Packaging: Sorting machines, palletizers, conveyors, etc.
  • Bulk Material Handling: Loading and unloading systems, conveyor systems, dosing and weighing, stockyards
  • Agricultural: Grain and other farm products
  • Machining: Cranes, lifts, hoists, and other machine technologies
  • Steel & Metal: Any braking parts that need to fit a production line

Between logistics and distribution, food and beverage, and all things machining, NORD Flexbloc offers unique solutions to complex problems. Don’t hesitate to contact ELS today to learn more or check the links below before giving us a call:

NORD Flexbloc Parts Dealer | NORD Products| Engineered Lifting Systems

NORD Flexbloc Parts Near You

There are several features of NORD Flexbloc parts that stand out. For example:

  • Factory-stocked worm modules and accessory kits
  • Universal foot and flange-mount housings
  • Keyed hollow-bore units with solid shaft kits
  • Adaptable to any mounting position (universal oil fill)
  • Easy-to-assemble accessories
  • Accommodates stocked C-Face motors or brake motors

NORD Flexbloc systems are built for easy access and maintenance. It’s important to counter production downtime — luckily, Flexbloc is designed for easy access and repairs. Routine maintenance is key when it comes to supply chains. You also have access to diagnostics and troubleshooting. Being unable to identify any problem in your chain beforehand (whether it’s the brake or not) can lead to avoidable headaches. These systems are designed for harsh environmental conditions and are modular, customized, and long-lasting.

Efficient and compact, NORD parts are trusted by hundreds of customers throughout the U.S. High levels of power and capabilities in a small package? What’s not to like? Our technicians can help you implement NORD technology into existing systems to ensure efficiency and, by extension, cost. Versatile, flexible, and customizable, our NORD parts dealers can help your company find a solution that helps streamline your production. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts today.

Why Choose ELS for NORD Flexbloc?

Engineered Lifting Systems is a premier source for companies that have mechanical needs. Our world-class team is capable of meeting custom overhead lifting systems and syncing you up with braking solutions with NORD Flexbloc and other products. From design and installation to inspections and rebuilds, our experts help make the process of implementing solutions as efficient as possible.

ELS has been providing hoist and crane equipment for more than 20 years. Based in St. Louis, MO, we serve companies throughout various industries in North America. You can learn more about us and view a few of our projects. It’s important for Engineered Lifting Systems and our team to provide next-level service and deliver solutions to our clients.

As your go-to source for North American manufacturing solutions, Engineered Lifting Systems is here to help you implement durable and long-lasting parts to customers. ELS support team and technicians provide dedicated service to customers that are working with NORD Flexbloc systems. Don’t hesitate to contact our NORD dealers online or call {now|today} at 866-756-1200 or 866-756-1202 to learn more about NORD units and parts.


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