Overhead Crane Brakes

Engineered Lifting Systems offers expert analysis and recommendations for your overhead crane system as well as the brakes that keep your operations moving in a safe and productive direction. From initial consultation to inspection, maintenance, and repair services, our goal since 2004 has been to provide the right braking equipment for your crane system that delivers the stopping and holding power that meets the most demanding manufacturing requirements. If you’re not sure which overhead crane brakes are right for your application, please contact us or call our team at 866-756-1200 to get started on a quote.  

Overhead Crane Brake Parts

Mondel industrial brakes and Nord brakes are some of our most preferred choices for improving crane performance and safety in addition to reducing maintenance and downtime. Not only do we supply brakes for your crane system as a whole, but we also focus on brakes for trolleys and hoists as well as overhead crane bridge brakes. Learn more about these below or view all of our overhead crane parts.   Overhead Crane Mondel Brakes Mondel brakes are specifically designed for high-speed, high-performance applications in the most demanding environments. With steel construction and superior components, these brakes are manufactured from materials selected to optimize performance and serviceability while still being easy to maintain and service. View Our Full Line of Mondel Brake Parts Here   Nord Brakes Nord prides themselves on performance, intelligence, adaptability, and innovation of their products. Their brakes product line has advanced design features that are suitable for applications requiring reliable braking with the minimum of maintenance and downtime. For any application, Nord brakes are your best choice for optimal performance, reliability, and durability. View Our Full Line of Nord Brake Parts Here  

Crane Modernization – Update Your Crane Brake System

One of the most important aspects of crane modernization is the replacement of outdated or unserviceable brakes with current industrial braking technology that help you keep up with market demands. Since the time your overhead crane was first installed, the safety regulations surrounding the braking system may have been updated. Crane modernization will help you comply with current safety regulations. The team at Engineered Lifting Systems offers crane inspection and upgrades to braking systems to help you measure up to today’s requirements.  

Crane Brake Rebuild

Our customers have brake applications in some of the most demanding work environments with the harshest duty cycles. Rebuilding brakes can be time-consuming, and many maintenance staff are already overburdened with keeping plant equipment operating day-to-day; however, throwing them away can be costly. Don’t scrap your crane brakes! Ship them to our crane brake rebuild service facility for evaluation. We will get you a hard quote on what it takes to get your brakes working like new! When we ship them back, the brakes are ready to provide useful service or you can keep them as a spare.  

Contact Our Overhead Crane Company | Engineered Lifting Systems

Our crane company performs services on brakes of all makes to keep them in top shape for the full lifecycle of the entire overhead crane system. To get started on a quote for your overhead crane brake solution, please contact us or call our team at 866-756-1200.