Engineered Lifting Systems specializes in the modernization of overhead cranes and hoists for every industry. With a history of providing quality engineered solutions for overhead crane modernizations, Engineered Lifting systems can address skewing, bearing life, aging controls and more as a part of any crane modernization. Heavy duty industrial hoists and cranes need a professional approach for crane upgrades and rebuilds as to minimize downtime while the work is performed, and maximize any service life extension project (SLEP) of your hoist or crane. Modernization Types:
  • Structural repairs
  • Rebuilds for existing equipment
  • Capacity up-grades
  • Control Modernizations using Static Stepless, Static Simulation, Flux Vector and Variable Frequency Control
  • Replacement of end trucks
  • Moving Equipment
  • Up-grade to automation
  • Festoon upgrades to PowerTrak, or I-beam type
Read more about our Crane Brake Rebuilding Service.
Replacement of specific components such as can be customized to your request. These items often can be reverse engineered for an overhead crane:
  • Gear boxes
  • Drums
  • Brakes
  • Controls
  • Pedestal bearings
Some additional examples of how this can work for you, please read these case studies: For more information about Ace heavy duty cranes, hoists, endtrucks and our crane modernization services please contact Engineered Lifting today.