Back in 2006, we developed a unique safety latch and clamp assembly for a specific request using existing crane hooks. The customer’s request and developed solution was highlighted in one of our newsletters in May of that same year. See our Safety Latches for Crane Hooks Newsletter.

Since that time, we have supplied this same concept latch to dozens of companies looking for specific solutions to an existing problem. Some of the reasons for applying this latch include:

  • Requirement for a safety latch on a hook that does not have a latch eye
  • Getting the operators fingers and hands out of the throat of the hook when rigging or attaching a below the hook device
  • Plant operation requires that the hook pick up a lifting bail that can not be handled by an operator (think annealing oven, or charge bucket)
  • Conventional spring type hook is too hard to open and close
  • Lifting device and or bottom block weigh enough to crush a conventional stamped safety latch
  • The lifting operation needs to pin open or close the safety latch

Application of the latch to the existing hook does not damage the hook or require cutting. Operation is simple and easy to use, with the operator’s hand behind the hook and out of the way so heavy or rigid loads do not mash fingers.

These videos show the simple normal operation of the latches as designed.

This video shows the latch is capable of “hands free” engagement with a lifting device. Use of a Bushman rotating bottom block is ideal for this.

Dane Vance demonstrating the operation of the latch

The above photos show use of the latches with a motorized Bushman coil grab. If you have a motorized bottom block, and a motorized coil grab, you know how hard it can be to keep conventional safety latches from bending. These latches will not bend from the weight of the bottom block!

These latches are not for all applications. But for specific applications these latches can be the solution to operation and safety requirements.

Please contact Engineered Lifting for assistance with your Hook Safety Latch questions and applications.

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