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When a part fails or a machine breaks down, you can’t afford any downtime. Every moment that passes is another dollar lost. That is why we are proud to be one of the only distributors that keep NORD Flexbloc and other NORD products in stock, allowing us to offer you lower prices, faster lead times, and better service and support. Get the parts you need, now.

NORD Flexbloc

Worm geared motors that do it all — that’s the NORD Flexbloc. The modular gear units are the ultimate example of unrivaled power in a small package. NORD’s line of Flexbloc parts boast high power density in an extremely compact, modular design. Their innovative design and construction make them ideal for use in applications of all manners.

  • Distribution and logistics
  • Beverage and food production
  • Packaging
  • Conveyor and conveying equipment
  • Weighing mechanisms
  • Steel and metal production
  • Cranes and hoists

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NORD established
in 1965

NORD has been around since 1965 and has grown dramatically since its beginnings. Engineered Lifting Systems is among the top North American dealers of NORD parts.

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Why buy NORD Parts from Engineered Lifting Systems? Easy! Get the best prices, the fastest ship times, and the best support!

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Your North American NORD Dealer. Engineered Lifting Systems is the go-to source for customers in a wide range of industries looking to benefit from the durable, versatile, long-lasting characteristics offered by NORD's gear units, motors, and drive solutions. This will help minimize your downtime and help you save on expenses. We also offer support from technicians who work extensively with NORD parts, if any problems arise.

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Engineered Lifting Systems can ship all NORD stocked products the same day as they are ordered.

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Engineered Lifting Systems has a large inventory of NORD Flexbloc ready to ship the same day as ordered.

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Engineered Lifting Systems is known to provide their customers with the best support on NORD Flexbloc items, helping to resolve issues that can reduce or prevent downtime.

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