In today’s overhead crane industry, variable frequency drives using encoder feedback for closed loop performance and safety is common. We have tried many brands and styles of encoders and found the most reliable and versatile encoders in the market…Avtron!

Engineered Lifting Systems has become a full line stocking Avtron encoder distributor to provide timely service and product to our customers.

These Avtron encoders have become one of the staples of our Crane Modernizations providing reliable and consistent operation. These encoders can be used for hoist vector control, or static simulation for bridge and or trolley control to provide precise rotor direction and position to the frequency drive.

Here are a few applications:

M4 Avtron Encoder


This is an M4 Avtron Encoder (M4-3S2XH51-P000) mounted to the Hoist motor on an Ace World 25-ton Low-headroom double girder top running trolley. This is a Class D crane application for coil handling, and the plant does not have another crane to handle master coils.

Avtron AV685

Avtron AV685

Here have a unique application of an Avtron AV685 (replaces the M68551HP1 HP1) on a 100 horsepower DC Bridge drive. The encoder provides speed and direction to a PLC the juggles anti-collision and provides feedback for reverse plugging of the bridge motion. The PLC manages the amount of reverse plugging when the anti-collision is activated based on the speed of the crane. The arrow points to the green light which means the encoder is power and the self-diagnostics provide a “ready to go” visual indicator.

M4 Avtron Encoders

Avtron M4

Avtron M4

These are two simple M4 applications for hoist control.

Avtron AV56S Encoder

Avtron AV56S Encoder

This shows an AV56S encoder on the end of an encoder shaft.
NOTE: We DID NOT wire these motors!

Avtron AV685N1E8Y8YP000

In a really nasty application for dust (this picture is only weeks old), an Avtron AV685N1E8Y8YP000 does the job. We added a second reader head to make testing and or changing on the fly a breeze!

Avtron Encoder

Mounted Avtron Encoder

Avtron encoder mounted to a 40 hp winch motor, providing drive closed loop and positioning for drive limit feature.

As you can see, we have applied these encoders in many crane applications. But these encoders and resolvers can be used for almost any application!

  • Conveyors
  • Rock Crushers
  • Pump Motors
  • Transfer Carts
  • Lift Tables
  • Tension Leveling Line
  • Paper Lines
  • Positioning Lifters
  • Lift Bridges
  • Heavy Movable Structures

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