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Engineered Lifting Systems just finished the installation of two 120’ span, Class F, 42-ton cranes. One of the main items that set these cranes apart from most cranes of this size and operation service is power regeneration.Working with the customer and Magnetek, a plan was developed to provide a single HHP D1000 regen drive for a single 690 VDC buss to regen the AC power for over 550 horsepower as well as Magnetek DMC OmniPulse magnetic controller. For a crane weighing in at almost 400,000 lbs, power regeneration eliminates typical dynamic braking resistors and allows the current created during deceleration to be used by other devices or equipment.
Back panels installed inside the control house (Larger Image)
Final installation of the Magnetek controls (Larger Image)
The use of Magnetek Regeneration will reduce the power that these cranes use by 40 to 45%. In addition, there are no resistors to wire, or maintain. To get the full use (offset the initial cost) of power regen, the crane should be a higher duty class crane, including scrap magnet service, bucket operations (cement plants), or shipping operations with constant usage.Now don’t think that you have to buy a new crane to get this technology! Engineered Lifting Systems has already designed and provided crane modernizations replacing old Thyristor and Static Stepless control with Magnetek drives and regen technology. Often, existing wound rotor motors can be reused by shorting the rotor leads for these modernizations. One example of this recently provided the customer with an increase of motor durability, with no more motor changes. Before and after use of current at motor start showed a 2/3 drop in starting current by replacing old controls with Magnetek drives.
What makes Heath Hooker happy? Fewer motor changes and less mechanical problems (Larger Image)
The above picture is a control modernization of an existing 200 horsepower hoist to a Magnetek VG+ drive with power regeneration. Imagine less mechanical problems, fewer motor changes, and no resistors!Get a copy of the Magnetek Regen Brochure here: Download the Magnetek Regen Brochure brochure If you have questions about an application of Magnetek’s cutting edge technology just give the Crane Doctor Eric Brown @ 866-756-1200 or email ebrown@engineeredlifting.com Special thanks to Superior Crane Corp, Magnetek, Ace World Companies, and J.R. Merritt for being on our team to supply these cranes!