Gravity Latch with Rotation Lock

Engineered Lifting Systems applied one of our gravity latches. This application is for an existing 40-ton overhead crane. In addition the end user wanted to add a 90 degree rotation lock to stabilize coil positioning, but did not want the expense of replacing the complete bottom block.

The review of the old hook showed it worn to a condition beyond the maximum allowable by ASME Hook standard B30.10, so the gravity latch and rotation lock were design around a new Columbus McKinnon DIN hook.

Rotation lock for a overhead crane hook serves several application requirements including bucket, coil handling, automated cranes, and more.

The existing bottom block was reversed engineered, and our simple “drop-pin” system was added to the bottom block at the same time as the new hook/latch was installed.

Just prior to installation, the latch and rotation lock was installed on the hook
The new hook/rotation lock and gravity latch are now in service

The handle in the rear of the hook. This allows the crane operator to keep his hands and fingers from between loads and the hook when changing lifting devices. Fingers and hands do not get pinched.

Gravity Latch Operation

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