Crane Cab Replacement Improves Function

Crane Cab Replacement Improves Function Engineered Lifting Systems was asked to review an existing application of a predominantly cab operated shipping crane. The review covered crane reliability, control method, and cab operator ergonomics. This post addresses the cab function and operator ergonomics portion of the study. The original cab as provided by the original crane […]

Runway Electrification Isolation Sections Improves Production and Provides Safety

Runway Electrification Isolation Sections Improves Production and Provides Safety It is not unusual to have multiple overhead cranes on the same runway. While maintaining and repairing these cranes, having a system that allows a partial or segmented shut down of power within a runway section for one or more cranes is a valuable option.   […]

Tapered Wheels for Top Running Cranes

Tapered Wheels for Top Running Cranes Sometimes I forget and take for granted that some knowledge in our industry is commonly known. Recently I had a chance to work with some top running cranes that had real problems with the wheels and rail.  The user complained about “racking” of the crane and was looking for […]

DC Crane Cab Upgrades

DC Crane Cab Upgrades Engineered Lifting Systems was awarded the order to upgrade (replace) the cabs on two DC overhead cranes. The existing cabs had been in service since the cranes were originally built in the 1960’s. These original cabs were small by today’s standards and lacked vision lanes for critical lifts made hourly, forcing […]

Engineered Lifting at AISTech 2016

As members of the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), Engineered Lifting Systems LLC traveled this week to the AISTech  in Pittsburgh to meet with our customers and vendors, while getting a chance to see some of the newest technology as it applies to overhead crane systems. In attendance for the AISTech Conference and […]

Engineered Lifting Systems visits ACCO Material Handling Solutions

Recently, Engineered Lifting Systems became an ACCO hoist distributor, and is now able to provide design and sales of ACCO hoists and equipment to our customers.   In pursuit of our knowledge in the products and component capabilities that ACCO can provide, the ELS engineering team flew to York, Pennsylvania to meet our counterparts at the […]

Magnetek “Anti-Shock” Software

Often overlooked, but as a part of the standard software on the Magnetek IMPULSE® VG+ Series 4 drive, “Anti-Shock” programming for the hoist motion is ideal for specific applications. These applications can include Lumber yards (Log Grapples), Concrete plants (Clam Shell), Refuse to Energy (Orange Peel Grapple) and magnet applications in steel mills.     […]