Tired of changing out parts on contactor-based equipment concerning your magnet controls? Magnetek has the answer! That answer comes in the form of the Magnetek Digital Magnet Controller (DMC). The Magnetek Digital Magnet Controller (DMC) has the solution to a multitude of problems. The following issues are just a few that arise on a regular basis while using magnet controls:
  • magnets getting too hot to function
  • contactors wearing out and constantly needing replaced
  • charging time issues, and safety hazards

The DMC deals with each of these issues in a unique way. These all come together to form a complete package.


The DMC is a current regulator and not a voltage regulator, like most other magnet controls. The DMC allows an operator to pick up a load with initially 100% current going through the magnet. Once it is lifted, the current can be reduced to 75% while keeping that same load.  This reduces the current that is running through the magnet. Decreasing  the current basically decreases the heat. This is something that every magnet operator likes. This will allow more loads per shift to be completed and you will not have to switch magnets as frequently. All of this leads to increased throughput and reduced energy costs.


Some other great things about the Magnetek DMC is that it is not contactor based! This means the maintenance crew will NOT have to change out contacts every 6-12 months. This leads to lower costs long-term in both parts and labor. Contactor based products also have the tendency to arc and/or have contacts weld shut. This makes a case to say that the DMC is much safer then the competition. Magnetek has designed the DMC so that it is compatible with existing controls also. While it is a DC product, it can also be used with a rectifier that Magnetek provides for AC situations. There are multiple options within the DMC package itself to ensure that when you incorporate it into your system you will see an improvement over your existing magnet controller.


For a copy of the DMC brochure with further information, please follow this link: Download DMC brochure.


If you have any further questions about Magnetek’s DMC or would like more information please contact at Engineered Lifting Systems.