We love nothing better than to completely modernize an existing crane to gain lower maintenance costs and more production. But sometimes the demands of the business means that improvements must be segmented in order to optimize capital. On this project, the customer was faced with just that problem so Engineered Lifting Systems went to work on getting the end user the most “Bang for the Buck”.

The existing P&H crane has two trolleys using Balance Design hoist units with wound rotor motor five speed trolley control, and wound rotor motor hoist with Magnetorque Eddy Current dynamic load brake, also five speed control. Because in large part of the old contactor based control, the crane used parts and needed repairs and adjustments that repeatedly cut into the budget and production time. In order to maximize the capital spent, only the hoists and trolleys were updated at this time.

One of the existing trolley/hoists

An aspect of this conversion is the replacement motors. These motors were engineered by Engineered Lifting Systems to match the original P&H motors that feature involute spline output shaft. The P&H motors for a D-53 drive or the Balance Design hoist are unique in construction but they can be duplicated. The replacement motors are inverter duty, 60-minute rated, Class H insulation, NEMA design A motors.

Original Trolley Motor Original Hoist Motor

New Hoist motor installed New Motors installed Trolley motor bolting up!

1. New Trolley Motor 2. New Hoist Motor 3. New Avtron M4 encoder The controls part of this modernization of course uses Magnetek components and factory wired back plates. Keeping with getting the most “Bang for the Buck”, we supplied back plates for the existing enclosures as we have done before (Magnetek Crane Modernization for Coil Handling Cranes). VFG+ S3 Hoist drives with Class E dynamic braking resistors guarantee performance, while G+ S3 (Series 3) drives with Class D resistors for the trolley were provided.

Old P&H Magnetorque Magnetek Performance!

Even a new Telemotive radio control was added to the crane. The crane operations are much smoother with the finished update. I don’t always have a man work inside my control cabinet, but when I do I prefer it’s Dane Vance.

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