We at Engineered Lifting Systems love to apply J.D. Neuhaus air chain hoists and products.  A customer that for years had used hand chain hoists in a paint booth environment decided a change was needed, and asked ELS to propose a solution to make it easier for the paint technician to lift loads in and out of the paint booth. At low capacities it is an easy decision to select an air powered chain hoist for this environment since any electric hoist would squarely fall under NEC requirements to meet or exceed NFPA 33 standards.  Air chain hoists by the fact they do not use electricity are a natural selection for a paint booth.
These two hand chain hoists got forced retirement!
Dane and Nate installing the air lines to each end of the monorail
  Application is an Ex Classification according to EC Directive on Hazardous Locations 94/9/EEC As standard: Ex II 2 GD IIA T4/II 3 GD IIB T4
For this application, we selected the PROFI 2T Profi 2T Air Hoists with a capacity of 2 metric tons (4,400 lbs) each with air pendant control
After installation and load testing
  A couple of things to remember when applying air chain hoists in a paint booth:
  1. Make sure you have sufficient air, minimum 90 CFM @ 90 PSI available at the hoist.
  2. Mount a filter-lubricator-regulator as close as you can to the hoist/trolley (J.D. Neuhaus has some nice FLR’s that “bolt-on” the trolley)
  3. Make the pendant hoses long, so you can pull the pendant away from any freshly paint items.
  4. Order a muffler/oil collector to prevent spent oil (mist) from getting on any painted items.
  5. Order the steel chain container – the paint can build up on the chain container and the fabric chain containers can sometimes “release” collected paint.
Click here to download a copy of the JD Neuhaus Profi application brochure. If you have any questions about J.D. Neuhaus equipment and solutions or would like help with an application please contact your Crane Doctor Eric Brown at Engineered Lifting Systems.