Last month members of Engineered Lifting Systems sales team traveled to J.R. Merritt to receive advanced training on chair systems and joysticks. Ms. Kristen Wall, Mr. Jon Heeley, and Eric Brown traveled to New York, and then drove up to Stratford Connecticut to meet with sales and production personal at J.R. Merritt.  
Doug MacKay Jon and Kristen
Doug MacKay showing the many adjustments and features of these LRC chair systems
  Engineered Lifting Systems is a J.R. Merritt Master Stocking Parts Distributor and J.R. Merritt application integrator.  We have engineered applications for new Merritt Chair systems and joysticks all over the United States.  
Greg informs
Greg Razzaia explains the extensive ISO quality control process to Jon and Kristen
Jon Kristen Greg Eric
From left to right: Eric Brown, Kristen Wall, Greg Razzaia, and Jon Heeley
  If you are a crane cab or pulpit user, and in the Northeast for any reason I highly recommend your scheduling a visit to see J.R. Merritt’s facility and personnel. This was my third trip in 10 years to Merritt, and the company just keeps getting better. A special thanks to the Merritt Crew: Greg Razzaia, Doug MacKay, Ed Michaelson, Kathleen Geda, and Matt Kennedy for making us feel so welcome.