At Engineered Lifting Systems, we handle the requirements of many types of customer needs beyond crane and hoist applications. Applications for conveyors, rock crushers, pumps, and other material handling systems are designed, and modernized. Such was the case with an existing river location using two barge winches to pull a barge into position on the moorings for the removal of material. Old Reliance DC drives and motors were replaced using Magnetek VG+ Flux Vector Drives and Inverter Duty motors. The drives are controlled manually, but interfaced with a series of limits and checks using a PLC control

The Magnetek motors with encoder feedback and brakes are exposed to the elements.
TENV motors, provided for outdoor service with motor heaters. These babies have to be ready to work 24-7, 365!

After the river boat brings the barge to the moorings, the operator in the cab-house uses the control and power of the Magnetek drives and motors to position the barge in a “Pull – Pull” configuration of the winch rigging, so that when one winch pulls the barge, the other winch goes into torque control to make sure there is an appropriate tension on the line side being pulled. The operator then “vacuums” the product out of the barge in cycles.

Vacuum Tube in Action

The existing drives were to be taken out of service, so as designed by Engineered Lifting, Magnetek provided a “drop in place” back plate wired panel with the drives.

Panel Insert
Better picture of the Magnetek VG+ Series 3 Drives

The result was a complete success! The customer saved a “Barge-Load” of money by switching to AC motors and Magnetek Drives, and reports 100% operational capability for the system.

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