We recently completed a project for five 25-ton Class D cranes for a Mid-west steel processing center, provided with Ace World trolley/hoists, and of course complete Magnetek control panels using Telemotive radio remote controls. After talking to the plant manager and personnel we were not surprised to get comments such as “the hoist unit is so much bigger than our old cranes”, and “the control of the cranes is quiet and smooth”.
Ace 25-ton trolley/hoist front and center!
The Ace World trolleys featured a 27 fpm hoist speed using Magnetek VG+ Flux Vector control, and the trolleys were 100 fpm using Magnetek P3 variable frequency. All motions are operated from Telemotive telePendant radio remote controls, 3-speed.
Check out the Magnetek crane controls.
The controls were supplied, engineered, and built by Magnetek. The “All in one” panel makes trouble shooting easy, even down to the Telemotive radio (mounted on the door). For you guys that work on cranes, is that a beautiful job of wiring or what???
Built with Pride? Oh Yeah!
The combination of Ace World components with Magnetek controls makes one fantastic crane. To date, we have not had one trouble call on these cranes. They operate under a 24/7 mandate, and are busy lifting loads over half the capacity all day long. If you need a reliable crane for your critical production, contact Engineered Lifting Systems to see how we can provide a new crane, or retro-fit Ace and/or Magnetek to your existing bridge. Contact Eric Brown at Engineered Lifting Systems. Download our Benefits of Upgrading Existing Cranes white paper in PDF and learn more about Magnetek’s complete range of systems for improving the performance and reliability of your cranes.