Modernizing your overhead crane can provide the service and reliability you are looking for and safe money.In this case, an old existing 15-ton P&H Crane with a P&H “R-Series” trolley/hoist (precursor to the venerable “T-Series”) was not only in disrepair, was being asked to fill a more predominate roll in plant production, and parts to repair it were expensive and long on delivery.After analyzing the crane structure and making repairs, the bridge was deemed ready for a full modernization. Engineered Lifting Systems once again worked with Ace World Companies for the machinery, and Magnetek for the controls and radio control. The existing trolley and hoist were removed from the bridge.
In addition to the hoist and trolley machinery, the bridge drive was modified from an existing A1 drive configuration to a CMAA A4 drive set-up using standard integral motor reducers.New Ace World Trolley uses the A40 gearbox with AGMA standards for high service, and an L10 bearing life of 23,000 hours for this application. Well above and beyond the requirements for Class D service.
This crane has now been in service over 2 years after the project was completed. The customer reports “This crane has needed nothing since the modernization was completed. Operators and maintenance has had nothing but great things to say about the crane and it’s operation”.If you have a crane that is in need of a complete, or segmented modernization contact your Crane Doctor at 866-756-1200 or