While on a trip to Magnetek last week I was able to see the completely new transmitter offering that will soon be available from Telemotive, the XLTX!

After Magnetek’s purchase of Enrange, the engineering department at Telemotive was able to create a fusion of technology from both Telemotive and Enrange to create a radio transmitter like no other!

These photos were taken at Magnetek, strictly for the Engineered Lifting Systems Newsletter recipients’, no other duplication or use of these photos is allowed.

Features on the transmitter are:

A: Speed control dial for specific motion control, or a lift magnet feather
B: Hoist/Trolley – A/B/Both select
C: Graphic Display (see below)
D: Convenient auxiliary toggle switches
E: Paddle switches, joysticks that are either gated, or non-gated

The display is incredible for an overhead crane transmitter. Customizable to provide the feedback your plant operators and maintenance personnel are needing. The display below shows:

F: Battery life display (no more flashing light!)
G: The display in this picture shows the output from a load cell on the crane so the operator can see the weight of the material he is lifting.
H: Signal strength
I: First motion depressed speed
J: Display to show which crane (receiver) the radio is operating

The transmitter case is the same material that the venerable MLTX transmitter is made of and if that is not enough, the transmitter has a spare battery “on-board” that the operator can switch to. The batteries are a clever battery case with (3) three double A batteries inside.

If you plant prefers, we can also provide rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Coming soon, USB and infrared ports are coming soon for even more communication applications. But right now you can have an access code plug, or use the display to change access codes for operation on multiple cranes. How about a display for your Magnetek VFD faults? Yes, it can be done!

What the possibilities for your crane?….endless with this transmitter!

If you want to see a demo unit, or want to discuss how this transmitter can help streamline your plant operations, contact the Crane Doctor Eric Brown at ebrown@engineeredlifting.com  or 866-756-1200.

Contact Engineered Lifting Systems.

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