New Telemotive MLTX 2 Transmitter
With the success of the MLTX transmitter it was only a matter of time until the MLTX was updated to allow its usage in a wider range of applications. The MLTX 2 transmitter is the next generation of the MLTX transmitter, providing the continued standard of a transmitter that will hold up to almost anything. The housing is again a polymer, super tough nylon case, and using heavy duty motion switches that have shown over 5 million operations in the field and more!

Now the MLTX platform has features such as USB and infrared ports to allow easier downloadable firmware upgrades, user settings, or transfer settings. The MLTX 2 is available in licensed and non-licensed formats, as well as offered with the Flex M receiver benefits including two-way feedback and synthesized RF. The two-way feedback can include output frequency, drive status, output voltage, torque reference and more. We have sold hundreds of Telemotive systems over the last 6 years and a majority of them have been with the MLTX transmitter. The MLTX 2 transmitter brings the robust chassis and controllers forward, and adds so many other features.
As you can see from the above picture, Magnetek can provide a complete integrated control system for your crane or hoist. This is a huge advantage for Magnetek/Telemotive/Enrange products, as we can offer complete crane solutions. By the way, coming soon is a new advanced charger for these systems, and for the telePendant and telePilot radios we will soon have a software/tether offering that will allow you to get away from the Palm (PDA) for programming, and use your own laptop. Eric “The Crane Doctor” 866-756-1200