Because of the flexibility and reliability of the Mondel Thruster brake, we tend to overlook the applications that suit the Mondel DC MBE brake.

The 300 Series Mondel MBE DC shoe brake was originally the P&H manufactured SBE shoe brake. Mondel has been manufacturing the MBE for many years now, and the MBE is a direct replacement for the SBE unit. These brakes feature a DC full pot coil, and can be found on many overhead cranes (AC and DC powered cranes), but also have a wider application on other types of machinery. Because these brakes are sized to ASTM standards and torque ratings, they become perfect for replacing existing brakes.

In the above pictures, you can see the MBE brake directly replaced the old GE brake, with no modification to the mounting platform. This was a non-overhead crane application, used on a coal bucket wheel stacker. This brake is a replacement in a shunt application, 250 VDC. But because both the original and the MBE brake are designed to ASTM standards, the new Mondel brake is a “drop-in” requiring no modification to the original mounting platform.

The MBE brakes are available for AC applications also using a small DC rectifier panel with an economizer circuit.

The above brake application is a barge winch with tachometer feedback DC control. This brake will see a lifetime of outdoor usage. Because the MBE has been in service for so long, and there are so many used in industry, the parts availability is great. If you need a DC brake for your application, you just cannot go wrong with the Mondel Series 300 MBE brake. For help applying the MBE brake, please call The Crane Doctor @ 866-756-1200, or email