Six-15-ton-overhead-cranes-steel-service-center-bevelIt seems hard to believe, but in October of this year Engineered Lifting Systems will have been in business 10 years. Our original website has been a fantastic tool for us to explain our work and offer solutions to every day problems in the overhead crane material handling industry. The original website was constructed and serviced by my dear friends Ron and Pam Castle of Ron Castle Webs ( and provided a basis for me to understand website construction and protocol. I want to thank Ron and Pam for all the hard work over the years that they have spent developing our original website, and helping me grow my business. Ron, Pam, I could not have done it without you! All of the people receiving this blog are probably wondering why they have not been getting their Newsletters from Engineered Lifting Systems. Well I have been busy reorganizing data for the new website, and helping my crew finish some installations. I expect to be back on track now, and you should see the newsletters start flowing on a regular schedule again. Speaking of which, I have a bunch of neat stuff to show you and application specific technical data to post. Please take time to look at the new website ( Our new webmaster, Kelli Camp of CDKWeb, Inc. ( has put in a ton (pun intended) of work on the new site. Everyone here at ELS likes the new design and features. We have also expanded to YouTube, so definitely check out the new Engineered Lifting Services channel here! In closing, I want to thank all of our friends, customers, and vendors that have made Engineered Lifting Systems such a success. Eric Brown, Your Crane Doctor