We recently were called on to assist a new customer who was desperate to find parts for his 30-ton hoist unit. After discussions with their maintenance department it was clear that this crane was extremely important to the customer’s production (they only had one 30-ton crane), and that the only thing keep them from running was an OEM coupling between the hoist motor and gearbox. But, because of the design of this hoist, there was no substitution for the complete coupling. However all they needed were 12 small inserts that fit between the two coupling halves.

Engineered Lifting recently installed twin 50-ton cranes!

The parts distributor that the customer normally dealt with did not have the inserts. The manufacturer of the hoist did not have the inserts in stock at any of their parts warehouses, and told the customer it would be 3-4 weeks minimum to get the parts into the United States.

Many of us have been faced with similar situations before, and to say it is frustrating does not really say enough. When Engineered Lifting Systems got the call it was late on a Thursday night. Going through normal channels presented the same results as the customer found. Only through research on an emergency basis, did we discover that the coupling was made for the original hoist manufacturer by a little company in Dusseldorf Germany. They had the inserts in stock, and we were able to get them to the customer on that Saturday (the inserts were $12.00 each). Just to make sure, the customer ordered an additional 36 inserts for future breakdowns. Good idea! Engineered Lifting has upgraded foreign motors with US (NEMA) standard motors (even on metric flanges!), replaced obsolete brakes, drives, drums, when requested by our customers. This process often can be challenging, so get Engineered Lifting involved with your needs! Call and ask for Tom, Mike Flagg, or Eric Brown!  Contact Engineered Lifting today to discuss your parts requirements for your engineered lifting applications!