DC Crane Cab Upgrades

Engineered Lifting Systems was awarded the order to upgrade (replace) the cabs on two DC overhead cranes. The existing cabs had been in service since the cranes were originally built in the 1960’s. These original cabs were small by today’s standards and lacked vision lanes for critical lifts made hourly, forcing the operator to stick his head out the window. The new cabs had to be larger and designed to allow the operator’s vision to the loads while seated. Because these new cabs would be larger and heavier, structural engineering and enhancement had to be performed as part of this modernization as to support the new cabs on each crane.
DC Crane Cab Wiring
You can see the old cabs were “Spartan”
DC Crane Cab Removed
One of the old crane cabs removed from service
Planning and engineering took over 9 weeks to complete, with another 14 weeks to order and fabricate everything needed for the installation. Installation took just 5 days to finish.
New DC Crane Cab
DC Crane Cabs Installed
DC Crane Cab Interior
The new cabs are a huge improvement to the original units
There were other aspects of this project that had to be dealt with. The original contactor based controls with reverse plugging stayed, but the old hydraulic brake was upgraded to a Magnetek Braketronic system using a Mondel Thruster. There was originally no 110 VAC in the cab so power converters were installed in the new cab panel.
DC Crane Cab Controls
New controls protected inside the cabs
We are very happy with the finished project, and I suppose there are a few operators that are enjoying their new “office”. I am sorry for the delay in getting new blog posts out to you. 2017 had us developing a complete new website that runs faster and looks better. Thanks for all the nice comments and ideas! As always, contact your Crane Doctor Eric Brown at Engineered Lifting Systems Contact if you need anything!