Engineered Lifting Systems was called in to look into the upgrade, or possible replacement of existing charging and ladle cranes. After an engineering study that was both mechanical and ergonomic in nature, the customer decided that they wanted to replace the cab on both cranes. Working with this northwest steel maker, we developed a goals based specification that included:
  • Better Vision for the operator
  • Additional space to allow training for future operators
  • Touch screen monitor to allow the operator interface with production
  • Cab Pressurization
  • Cab air management
  • Ergonomic application of crane functions for most of the daily operations
  • Allow future HMI interface for crane operation
Design Crane Cabs
Design Crane Cabs
The original cabs did not have adequate space or functionality for the operation.  The operators needed to contort to different positions in order to view, and execute some of the standard crane operations and tasks.
After design and in the middle of fabrication the cabs come together
Engineered Lifting Systems supplied a full P.E. structural survey of the crane in the area that the cabs would be installed, checking for new loadings, and designing additional support for the new larger/heavier cab on both cranes. Just prior to shipment, but with the cabs completed we took a few pictures:
New large front viewing area
Note the new air management and pressurization systems
Both cabs are ready to ship!
As with ever cab and cab modernization we provide, J.R. Merritt supplied the ergonomic crane chair system
  At a scheduled shutdown, we installed the new cabs on the existing bridge cranes.  A partial amount of the roof had to be removed in order to get the mobile crane access to lift the cabs into place. Crane Cab Installation  Cab installation Once everything was installed and operational, production took control and started using the cabs.
Cab and crane back into production!
final cab installation From beginning to end the project took just over a year to complete.  Just the front end design and engineering took 5 months.  The final project met and exceeded expectations.  Special thanks to Superior Crane Corp, and J.R. Merritt for their help on this project. Make sure to contact Engineered Lifting Systems if you are interested in replacing, or just modernizing your cranes cabs. Eric Brown