Crane Anti-Collision Case Study Telemotive Laser Guard Application

Many of you have some knowledge or exposure to anti-collision systems. At Engineered Lifting Systems, we have been engineering and applying Telemotive’s “Laser Guard” systems for anti-collision requirements.   Sure, this system can be used in a conventional application with two outputs that are range adjustable to provide “slow down and stop” or interrupt multiple speed […]

Old Crane Components Get New Life With Ace World

If you have the capacity to fabricate and have leftover or extra crane components such as box girders, endtrucks, or hoists, you can often save money while getting additional lifting capacity in your shop! Engineered Lifting Systems with Ace World Companies can provide an engineering study of the existing equipment, and coupled with new Ace […]

New Steel Service Center Crane Installation Becomes “Bushman AvonTec Showcase”

Engineered Lifting Systems has just finished the installation of three Class D 90’-0” span overhead cranes including a 55-ton, a 30-ton, and a 10-ton capacity. While the scope of the project and the type of equipment is impressive to start (Class E hoist units, A-4 bridge drives with horizontally split gearboxes, cab on trolley, and […]