Just a reminder to the overhead crane users out there that sometimes you can get the same results for less money by rebuilding crane components instead of buying new.

Take for instance a recent call from a cement plant to provide a quote on new complete wheel assemblies for a P&H overhead crane. After hearing the customer complain about the almost $70,000.00 for two new wheel assemblies he had already been quoted, we asked the user about the old wheel assemblies, and found they had not yet scrapped them. Getting the pieces at our shop, we found that although in terrible condition, there was a chance that the assemblies could be rebuilt for less than new.

A quick review of the parts found that although some parts could not be re-used, all the parts were there.

This picture and close-up show what can happen to an axle when the gear or wheel is pressed off cold. Time for a new axle!

The wheel for this assembly was shot. You can see how even a very hard wheel can rut when duty cycle and load are considered.

After close review and identifying all of the defective parts, ELS developed a total cost to rebuild both wheel assemblies. The total cost to put the assemblies in “like new” condition was almost half the price of new, and less than half the time to deliver. The MCB bearing housings were in great shape, as were both drive gears. One axle, 24” wheels, new bearings and seals with labor to assemble is all it took.

The wheels provided were made from allow steel, and nitrided to a Rockwell hardness over 60 C scale.

Here the wheels are at delivery, ready to install!

Don’t accept a high price; let us see if a rebuild is possible. If you have components that need repair and you want a second opinion for price or delivery call our sales department for help. As always, if you have a problem with your crane, or just need an idea, please contact Eric Brown @ 866-756-1200 or email ebrown@engineeredlifting.com