If you have the capacity to fabricate and have leftover or extra crane components such as box girders, endtrucks, or hoists, you can often save money while getting additional lifting capacity in your shop! Engineered Lifting Systems with Ace World Companies can provide an engineering study of the existing equipment, and coupled with new Ace World design and / or components, we can develop a complete overhead crane. We can analyze capacities, check dimensions, and provide a clear vision to crane construction.

These pictures show a fabricator that had two (2) old 25-ton trolley/hoists, but needed a box girder design endtrucks and detailing for complete cranes.

Detail of Endtruck Connections

The customer fabricated their own box girders right from our drawings, constructed the girder connections as Ace detailed, and even fabricated an auxiliary trailer trolley using an old hoist they bought at an auction! ELS and Ace World provided the trolley endtrucks, bogie bridge endtrucks and truck ties.

Could these old box girders be used for a new crane? – You Bet!

This customer had two old box girders, but needed a special complete crane. Engineered Lifting Systems along with Ace World provided a solution based on reusing the box girders and providing new endtrucks and a parallel mounted drum Ace Built-up trolley / hoist. The customer used our drawings to assemble, and Engineered Lifting finished the project by wiring the crane right in the customer’s shop!

How about the completed crane?

Special parallel mounted drum is exactly what was needed

If you have old crane components or equipment and need a new complete crane, just call the Crane Doctor and he can bring that old equipment back to life. Contact Eric Brown @ 866-756-1200 or email ebrown@engineeredlifting.com