Crane Repair Poplar Bluff – Hoist Repair Poplar Bluff

Engineered Lifting Systems provides Crane and Hoist Repair Services in Poplar Bluff

Industrial cranes and hoists must be in optimal working order to ensure the safety of your employees, and the productivity of your processes. Due to the costs of a crane/hoists, replacement is not always an option. Engineered Lifting Systems offers affordable and reliable repair services that help manage costs and return old cranes/hoists to a complete working order.

Our Crane Engineers in Poplar Bluff can repair or retrofit an expansive selection of cranes and hoists, and can often repair/improve your crane to perform better than when it was originally purchased. To learn more about our capabilities, the types of crane repair and hoist repair services we offer, and other services provided by Engineered Lifting Systems, call or contact our team now at 866-756-1200.

Crane Repair Poplar Bluff, MO – Hoist Repair Poplar Bluff, MO

Engineered Lifting Systems has the experience and the knowledge to repair your crane or hoist system back to its full working condition. Our team has tackled a variety of crane repair projects in Poplar Bluff, and regardless of the issues that your hardware is currently facing, we can offer several solutions to your problems. Here are several examples of broken cranes/hoists and Crane/Hoist Builds that we’ve completed or received and repaired to a better than new condition –

  • Eads Bridge Crane Systems – In this case study, we engineered a crane system to support the repair on the Eads Bridge. The Crane had to be able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while also operating on a 1-2% grade during all weathers.
  • 55-ton capacity Class F magnet service overhead crane – This case study outlines the upgrade of an existing 55-ton capacity Class F magnet service overhead crane. Because of the severe service under which the crane operated and the age of the crane, the following major issues were addressed:
    • Replace the entire trolley and hoists
    • Install complete Magnetek controls with AC Regen control
    • Complete new festoon system
  • 15-ton Crane Modernization – In this case, an old existing 15-ton P&H Crane with a P&H “R-Series” trolley/hoist (precursor to the venerable “T-Series”) was not only in disrepair, was being asked to fill a more predominate roll in plant production, and parts to repair it were expensive and long on delivery. After analyzing the crane structure and making repairs, the bridge was deemed ready for a full modernization. Engineered Lifting Systems once again worked with Ace World Companies for the machinery, and Magnetek for the controls and radio control. The existing trolley and hoist were removed from the bridge.

For more information about crane repair in Poplar Bluff, crane modernization in Poplar Bluff, or hoist repair in Poplar Bluff, or to learn more about Engineered Lifting Systems capabilities and the types of projects we take on, call or contact our crane repair engineers in Poplar Bluff now.

Crane Repair Company Poplar Bluff – Hoist Repair Company Poplar Bluff

Our team offers unbeatable value and expertise, that’s why we are the preferred crane repair company in Poplar Bluff. Not only do we offer crane repairs, we also offer Crane Modernization, Structural Repairs, and Hoist Crane and Parts that can assist in any repair, replacement, or modernization project.

Here is quick look at a before-and-after crane repair project:

Crane Repair Poplar Bluff - Hoist Repair Poplar Bluff Crane Repair Poplar Bluff - Hoist Repair Poplar Bluff, MO

Here is another example of our Crane Repair Capabilities:

Crane Repair Poplar Bluff - Hoist Repair Poplar Bluff, MO Crane Repair Poplar Bluff - Hoist Repair Poplar Bluff, MO

Crane Repair Poplar Bluff, MO – Crane Modernization Poplar Bluff, MO

Regardless of the difficulties of your project, our crane repair services in Poplar Bluff can be used for your benefit. Call or contact our team now to recieve your quote.