Telemotive’s new MLTX radio control transmitter was recently installed on our  customer’s outdoor duty concrete stripping gantry crane in order to prevent nuisance control signal drop-outs and loss of production time. If you are not familiar with this application, concrete stripping is one of the toughest duty cycles for crane equipment. Pulling precast concrete forms, pouring concrete, and handling large concrete castings are performed sometimes non-stop for 2 or 3 shifts in a near continuous duty-cycle environment. Crane equipment, drives and remote controls must perform at a very high level of service for weeks at a time when production is critical.  This is one of the toughest crane applications anywhere.
Engineered Lifting’s crane service truck is dwarfed by this outdoor gantry crane.
The MLTX transmitter is rated at over 5 million cycles for the control levers!
Why is Dane Vance smiling? He knows from experience that the MLTX transmitter will provide reliable service you can count on under the most severe operating environments.
Flux Vector control for Main and Auxiliary hoists using Magnetek FVG+ drives.
The original transmitter for this application  was not providing the valuable production uptime required, so a new Magnetek Telemotive MLTX transmitter was called on to give the customer what the customer needs: RELIABILITY! The gantry shown in the pictures was designed and sold by Engineered Lifting’s Eric Brown using rugged Ace World Companies hoists, trolleys and endtrucks. Eric called on Magnetek Electromotive to supply controls and panels in order to make this crane bullet-proof, reliable and dependable. The customer reports high production uptime using the MLTX transmitter and new controls. Engineered Lifting Systems recommends the Telemotive MLTX radio remote control for outdoor cranes in all-weather environments and for concrete stripping applications. Contact the crane doctors at Engineered Lifting to get your outdoor rated cranes running in tip-top condition. We make house calls. Download the MLTX brochure here in PDF.

For more information or assistance with your crane, hoist and engineered lifting  requirements, please contact Eric Brown.