Recently, Engineered Lifting Systems completed a multiple crane project for a large Midwest steel supply company. The cranes are used for the loading and unloading of many different sizes, shapes and bundles of steel from trucks and rail cars. The cranes are primarily operated by cab, and at times during the day the speed at which these cranes can perform becomes critical when dispatching trucks to their customers. Since these cranes were used for loading and unloading, there was at least 50% of the time that the hoists had a light or no load lift or lower condition. Looking for a faster hoist speed, we suggested the customer specify and purchase Magnetek’s “Ultra-Lift” Hoist control. Mr. John Walters of Magnetek states “Based on motor torque and proportional to load, you can set the drive to over speed a normal 1200 rpm inverter duty hoist motor from 1200 rpms at 60 hertz to 1800 rpms at 90 hertz; normally setting the limit for the operation around 40% of full load.” This means that with a load of less than 40%, the motor can be over-sped to obtain 1/2 more speed. A 30 fpm hoist under a heavy load becomes a 45 fpm hoist with light or no load operation.
Quality factory built crane panels from Magnetek! Very Nice!
The key to using this control is not only the VG+ Series 3 Magnetek Drive, but also the Hoist machinery. Working closely with Mr. Rick Reeves from Ace World Companies located in Fort Worth, Texas, we were able to specify a 6 pole 1200 rpm inverter duty motor, along with an Ace A50 gearbox that was capable of taking an over-speed input up to 1800 rpm. Not every gearbox can be used with Ultra-Lift.
7-1/2 ton hoist unit, more than ready for Class D service!
When you are looking for more speed from your crane production, make sure to call Engineered Lifting Systems for your options. As always, we really appreciate the business and support all of you provide us. If we can do anything for you, please contact Engineered Lifting. Download our Benefits of Upgrading Existing Cranes white paper in PDF and learn more about Magnetek’s complete range of systems for improving the performance and reliability of your cranes.