Continuing the long line of reliable and cost effective variable frequency drives for overhead cranes and hoists, Magnetek has just released for purchase the Series 4 adjustable frequency crane control.

As most of you know, Engineered Lifting Systems only provides Magnetek controls for both new cranes, and modernizations. Well after the initial cost of a project, Magnetek drives provide repeated performance that is easy to check, and easy to adjust. There is just not a better VFD on the market than Magnetek.

The above pictures show the improved access to the drive without removing the keypad as on previous drives. Link Software will allow laptop interface with the drive.

Building on the successes of the Series 2 and Series 3 drives, the Series 4 provides several key improvements that users are sure to like.

Load Check II Load Check has been upgraded to continuously detect hoist overload conditions only allowing an overload to be lowered. Now Load Check monitors the load both in acceleration and constant speed, and with the new auto-setup function allows for no drive pause (tests) which will help production. Safe Torque Off Provides a redundant hardware safety circuit that guarantees motor and brake power are removed when an E-STOP switch or safety controller opens the drive input, eliminating the need for external disconnects.

Brake Test This is now a one button test for checking the brake so in an instant you can verify that the brake has sufficient torque. You can even remote mount the button, allowing even faster access to this feature.

We were the first on the block to get a new Series 4 in house!

The performance upgrades includes an increase in performance that will reduce enclosure temperatures. This is 5-50% lower energy loss than the Series 2, and typical 15% more efficient than the Series 3. The latest generation IGBT power modules are capable of four times more thermal cycles. This means the drives are smaller than the Series 3 drives, most noticeable in the larger drive sizes. The new drive can tell you the amount of remaining IGBT so that you can schedule drive replacement before drive failure, that’s smart!

Now I have only listed a few of the improvements, but if you have any questions just call me direct. Engineered Lifting Systems is looking forward to using these new drives on your next project! Call the Crane Doctor Eric Brown at 866-756-1200, or email at