Magnetek has announced that the Impulse® VG+ and Impulse® G+ Series 3 drives are now rated to 60° C, or 140° Fahrenheit as standard. You might ask, “What’s changed?”. The answer, nothing has changed. These drives were already known as the best chassis in the material handling business, but real world experience has shown that these drives can hold up to more than other drives.

These drives are ready to be served “medium well”

The advantage provides for applications in higher ambient conditions where we might have looked to managed air for the drives previously, can now be furnished without air management.

Also stated is a new three-year warranty on Magnetek’s Impulse AC Adjustable Frequency Drives. For drives that ship from the factory after October 1st 2010, the 3-year warranty comes standard, upgraded from the old 2-year warranty. There is no cost for this extended warranty.

Download the Impulse® VG+ and Impulse® G+ Series 3 Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls catalog.

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