Magnetek Variable Frequency Drives Upgrade Molten Metal Overhead Crane and Dramatically Improve the Class F Crane Reliability!

How many times have you bought something, only to later think “Wow, that was a terrible idea”, or “I sure would do that different now knowing what I know”? For one of our customers, that is exactly what happened.

Only a few short years after purchasing a new 65/20-ton Class F Molten Metal Overhead Crane, the customer could no longer suffer the downtime and costs involved caused by the Square D variable Frequency Drives. Being familiar with Magnetek Controls and Service, the customer requested we develop a plan to replace the Square D drives with Magnetek Series 3 drives.

Original Square D Controls

Because of the plant’s requirement for operation, and the physical size of the drives this was not your typical installation. Working almost non-stop Dane Vance and crew were able to gut the control house and reinstall the new Magnetek controls. I should note that on the day the crane was placed in our hands, 3 of the 4 Square D drives were already tripped out. This crane needed help “STAT”!

You think you have seen sticker shock before? At least the phone number is toll free!

After a “Dane Vance Crane Day Spa”, this crane was placed back into [real] operation. Within the first 4 hours the operators and maintenance personnel were all thrilled with the non-stop operation of the crane.

New Magnetek Drives and DBU’s in place and ready for abuse!

Week after week, month after month, we have been in close contact with the plant, and they have nothing but praise for the Magnetek drives, as not one has tripped or hampered operation!

It’s no doubt that we here at Engineered Lifting Systems are true believers in Magnetek, its support, its business, and its people. We would be happy to show you the benefits of Magnetek controls and how they can save your plant time and money.

Just contact the Crane Doctor Eric Brown at  or 866-756-1200.

Download our Benefits of Upgrading Existing Cranes white paper in PDF and learn more about Magnetek’s complete range of systems for improving the performance and reliability of your cranes.