As part of our commitment to J.R. Merritt components and chair systems, Engineered Lifting Systems and Mr. Ed Michaelson of J.R. Merritt went on a weeklong tour of a 5-state, 7 plant trip with one of the FSRHDG chair demonstrators. The demonstrator fits nicely into the back of one of our F450 service trucks, complete with fork truck skid/demonstrator platform.

Here is the FSRHDG chair system demonstrator.

While this chair system is comfortable and completely adjustable, it features the mighty VNSO/VNSO2 J.R. Merritt joysticks that are often copied, but never duplicated!  These joysticks are a maintenance man’s best friend in a chair system, offering the best durability and operational endurance.  Who wouldn’t want them in their cab or pulpit?

Mike Brown demonstrates the chair (don’t get too comfortable!)

During the trip we got a chance to hear from maintenance personnel and team leaders on what they like and do not like with chair systems.  Operator comfort and reliability were the two main items that people, associated with cranes, asked for in a chair and joystick combinations.

Between the three of us, there was lots of time (and donuts) to discuss chair and joystick systems. Mike Brown gives a breakdown of the demo.
Ed Michaelson shows the demo
Crane operator gets to try out the FSRHDG

Due to weather, we demonstrated the chair right out of the back of the truck at one facility.

Download the FSRHDG_literature here A special thanks to Ed Michaelson, Mike Brown, and all of the plants and people that took time out to look at our products.  If you are interested in seeing the J.R. Merritt FSRHDG chair at your plant, feel free to contact Engineered Lifting Systems or J.R. Merritt directly to schedule a time. If you have any questions about J.R. Merritt equipment and solutions or would like help with an application please contact your Crane Doctor Eric Brown at Engineered Lifting Systems.