Just because you have a foreign made hoist or control at your plant, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with long deliveries or one single source for your repairs. Recently, a customer with an older Mannesmann Demag hoist having a 40 hp motor and a conical motor brake had a bad inverter drive.Faced with a long delivery for an O.E.M. drive from Germany and a crane that was out of service, the customer called Engineered Lifting Systems for help.

Old Demag drive controls were kaput.

Engineered Lifting’s service manager, Dane Vance, working with Mr. James Young in the engineering department at Magnetek, was able to use a Magnetek Series 3 VFG+ drive, along with class “D” rated dynamic braking resistors and a  CDBR-4090B Braking unit to modernize the crane, providing the customer with a completely operational crane in less than 2 days.

Demag 40 hp hoist data plate.

Magnetek worked quickly to get the drive, resistors, and braking module ready for air freight shipment while the old drive was being removed from the existing enclosure. The customer had material that had to be moved by this critical crane, and as is the case sometimes, hours seemed like weeks. The new drive and components were delivered at 7 AM on the second day, and Dane had the customer up and running later that same day.

New Magnetek drive delivered and installed in less than 48 hours!

A quality installation, speed of delivery, and a new higher level of performance for the equipment got this customer back in action in a hurry! The commitment to customer’s needs, along with a proven product is what Magnetek and Engineered Lifting Systems offer. These new drives manufactured by Magnetek are available for quick deliveries and can be used in a variety of applications (more in a future news letter on other applications). The new Series 3 drives offer safe guards for handling loads, performance and reliability you are looking for. Drives up to 500 hp are available, often from stock! So, if you have a variable frequency drive that is giving you trouble, and looking at extended down time due to a long delivery O.E.M. drive, give us a call at 866-756-1200.  Be sure to ask for Dane or Eric.