Purchasing a Magnetek Control Panel………….$32,000.00

Contracting the installation……………………………$ 7,500.00

Betting success on a $.50 section of hose……. $ Priceless

(Note that the encoder cable is cut in the picture, as they got too many faults at the drive, I wonder why?)

In the world of Material Handling, it is always a good idea to look for and specify name brands for the equipment we need. Names like Magnetek, Gorbel, Mondel, Yale and others tell you that you are getting a product made by a company committed to providing the best equipment. But there is another aspect often over looked. The company installing the material or equipment, are they qualified to provide the type of installation you expect? Most vendors have at least access to quality products, but this doesn’t mean they will provide a quality installation, or have the expertise to furnish you with “after the sale” support on these brands.
A panel with properly terminated and marked wiring
A recent panel installed “by others”, looks more like “Snakes on a Plane”.

Make sure to get references from the company you are planning to use to install your equipment. The references should be for the same type of installation you are considering. Experience in the specific type of project you have will save you time, money, and less headaches!

Got a problem installation?, sometimes a small $.50 hose replacement is all it takes. Call us today!  Contact Engineered Lifting today to discuss your installation requirements for your engineered lifting applications! Download our Benefits of Upgrading Existing Cranes white paper in PDF and learn more about Magnetek’s complete range of systems for improving the performance and reliability of your cranes.