Are Telemotive “TelePilot” transmitters tough? You bet!!

A recent customer, Greg, found out how tough Telemotive remote crane contols cab be after taking advantage of Engineered Lifting Systems “Trade-in/Trade-up” sales offer for current 9000 and 10K users to upgrade to either the Telemotive TelePendant or the Telemotive TelePilot. It seems the brand new TelePilot transmitter was placed on a load saddle, when the end of a 600 pound shaft supporting half of an 1800 pound roll was placed on top of the transmitter! That’s 1,200 pounds of force!!! When the transmitter was missing, the operator noticed the transmitter was under the shaft, and used the hoist to lift the shaft off the transmitter. To the surprise of everyone, the Telemotive TelePilot transmitter worked like new, with little damage to the extruded aluminum case. That’s tough! These transmitters feature Palm Pilot programming, more than 200 hours of operation using disposable batteries, and they are backward compatible with 9000 series, and 10K Telemotive remote crane control radio systems. Now this testimonial was impressive, but I wanted to see for myself if these Telemotive TelePilot transmitters would pass another test. So I decided to park the heavy end of an F-250 Ford Powerstroke truck weighing in at 7,000 pounds on top of my own TelePilot demonstrator transmitter. Sounds more crazy than Greg’s story, but I did it. You can see from the pictures that the truck was stopped on top of the transmitter. But after the test, the transmitter was fine. All of the buttons operated as before, and only a rubber mark and two scuffs were the only way to tell the radio had a “road kill experience”. Now Magnetek, the makers of the Telemotive Product Group, and Engineered Lifting Systems do not encourage this type of abuse in your plant or facility. But over the years we have found we can not prevent it, either. So when you “test” the toughness of your TelePilot radio with say an M1A1 Abrams tank, you can contact Engineered Lifting Systems to arrange to have your transmitter rebuilt by authorized crane radio control technicians at Magnetek.
Before the Road Kill Test
After the Road Kill Test
The secret of these TelePilot transmitters is the sturdy anodized aluminum extrusion case, with support ribs you can see in the photos on both sides, and another support rib in the middle of the buttons. This protects the buttons, as well as the internal electronics. For more information Engineered Lifting Systems “Trade-in/Trade-up” sales offer for current 9000 and 10K users, please contact Eric Brown today. Telemotive TelePilot transmitters and built Ford tough.