We have waited for it, and now it is here! The replacement for the venerable Palm PDA interface for telePendant and telePilot remotes is here, and available for purchase!We have long wanted a better interface for uploading, downloading, and matching radio frequencies and access codes. You have to remember that when the telePendant and telePilot inteleSmart systems were introduced, the idea of having a quick way to store transmitter settings on a PDA was fantastic. But the PDA has its limitations, including battery life, a slightly different program system, and limited storage.The RCP software and hardware allows you to use a standard computer or laptop to load, download, modify, and save as separate files the settings on telePilot, telePendant, XLTX, MLTX2 systems and more! These files can be saved like any other computer file, making maintenance and replacements/repairs much easier.

Here is what the system includes
IR to USB Adapter

Using the IR to USB Adapter, you can place receiver or transmitter programming on to the memory of the Adapter and take it out into the shop to load. Very handy indeed!

Programming a telePendant the easy way

The windows screen is simple to choose your device and create or modify the frequency and or access codes. Now we do not have a product of the year award, or even a “Crane Doctor Seal of Approval. But if we did this product would win! I have used the RCP and with little effort I was able to program our stock radio systems.Here is the RCP IR to USB Adapter manualAs always, if you have any questions just give me a call at 866-756-1200 or email ebrown@engineeredlifting.com . The part number for this “kit” or system is “RCP-IR”, and it is under $200.00!