Engineered Lifting Systems has just finished the installation of three Class D 90’-0” span overhead cranes including a 55-ton, a 30-ton, and a 10-ton capacity. While the scope of the project and the type of equipment is impressive to start (Class E hoist units, A-4 bridge drives with horizontally split gearboxes, cab on trolley, and more..), the steel service center became a showroom for Bushman AvonTec equipment.

55-ton crane demonstrates the Model 427 Adjustable Coil Lifter
55-ton crane with motorized bottom block and Bushman grab

As these cranes are used in production, many of the standard manual operations are motorized. The above Bushman AvonTec 50-ton motorized coil grab is made for batching coils from rail cars to storage, and from storage to production. With the cab on trolley, this makes the operation a one man operation and fast!

The Engineered Lifting System’s 30-ton crane has a 10-ton auxiliary trolley/hoist with “main hoist cab on trolley” which allows for removing the sheets of steel after being “decoiled” using a motorized 25-ton capacity Bushman M5600 Sheet Lifter, and for longer sheets, the 10-ton auxiliary helps using a Bushman 5600 manual sheet lifter.
Manual sheet lifter with dual operation hand wheels
25-ton motorized sheet lifter ready for service

At the time of this newsletter, the plant was not completely up in operation yet. It is important to note that the customer “specified” Bushman products for its facility, based on years of Bushman products exceeding their expectations for service and reliability.

You too can have the benefits of using Bushman AvonTec products! If you have an application for below the hook lifting devices just call your Crane Doctor Eric Brown @ 866-756-1200 or email