At Engineered Lifting Systems, we are often asked to provide services and equipment to modernize or develop solutions for existing bridge cranes and hoists. Braking can often be a part of those needs. The Mondel Thruster brake by Magnetek can provide an excellent upgrade or modernization for hoist, trolley or bridge. The Thruster module provides a uniquely different approach to braking with a continuously rated Hy-Thrust Actuator. An AC motor at the bottom of the Thruster module rotates an impeller displacing hydraulic fluid against the bottom of a piston compressing the internal torque spring and releasing the brake. The impeller is designed with radial vanes, so the rotation of the motor has no effect on the operation. This actuator is “perfect” for high dust, outdoors, and high cycle use. Different fluids are used for specific applications. No need for rectifier panels, straight AC power is all it takes. Cycles before maintenance on the Thruster actuator is in the millions!


The Thruster brake using the internal torque spring provides a smooth application of the brake for high duty cycle hoists. The inherent cushioning effect makes the brake ideal for high cycle or jogging applications that would normally destroy a clapper style brake. Component wear is almost eliminated without the mechanical shock of a conventional brake.
Here is a great example of a 300M Hoist brake just before installation. Note the “auto-adjust” feature on the top of the brake!
This is a smaller Hoist brake for an auxiliary hoist.


Recently, we installed a Thruster brake to replace an existing clapper style wheel brake in a trolley application. This was a Mill Duty Class E crane, radio controlled. Because of dust and oil in the air, it was impossible to get the old clapper brake adjusted correctly, resulting in the trolley skidding down the trolley rail, and making the load swing. For Trolley and Bridge applications the Mondel Thruster Brake gets an external torque spring allowing the maintenance department to “dial-in” braking providing a smooth stop. With the external torque spring, the stepless torque adjustment can be reduced to 40% of the maximum rating.
This brake provided smooth deceleration for the customer’s trolley application.
Great example of a 13” Bridge brake with external torque spring and auto-adjust feature.
Close-up view of the external torque spring.
  If you have any questions about the wide range of applications for thruster brakes or if you need services, please call Engineered Lifting Systems. We make house calls. For more information or assistance with your crane, hoist and engineered lifting requirements, please contact Eric Brown.