If you have an old crane cab and it is no longer providing the line of sight, or a less than optimal ergonomic condition for your operators there may be hope. Recently, a project extensively using J.R. Merritt products was completed to provide the operators of this ladle crane a better view of operations, as well as a more comfortable environment.

The old controls for the four motion crane were the old “trolley controllers” for this 250 VDC crane, lined up in front of the cab glass.

The controllers were in bad shape, and the operators often throughout the work day needed to stand up while running the crane in order to see below the crane.

Engineered Lifting Systems and J.R. Merritt were selected to make improvements to the cab, which included an AutoCAD layout, 3D Model, and ultimately a mock-up to decide on the best arrangement. Two NSB2KA vertical cast housing single axis, and one VNSB2EA 2-Axis Combo controllers were tapped out to replace the old controllers. These Merritt controllers are rated up to 20 million mechanical cycles, and for DC control have magnetic blow outs.

As you can see from the pictures, the operator sits in the chair from the side, then swivels to position himself in between the controller towers, and then can slide forward until he is comfortable. Note the brake controller foot pedal, the bridge brakes were converted to a Braketronic system.

My last email from the plant read as follows: “All the operators so far LOVE the new chair and controllers! Visibility is much better, (the only time I had to use the side window so far was bringing stock up to the stir station because the wall crane was down…not a normal circumstance, and I noticed that when bringing a full ladle to the stir station I could verify that the path was clear…I could even see the transfer car tracks next to the stir station!). The controllers seem to be more responsive than the old ones, and the comfort level of the seat and arrangement of the controls reduces fatigue during production immensely.” If you think there is a need to make improvements in your crane cabs, give us a call and see what Engineered Lifting Systems and J. R. Merritt can do to help!  Click on the images below to download the product information in PDF.


If you have any questions, just call your Crane Doctor Eric Brown @ 866-756-1200 or email ebrown@engineeredlifting.com