Welcome-Engineered-Lifting-Systems-to-XtekYesterday our sales engineers and I were able to get a complete plant tour of Xtek’s facility in Sharonville, Ohio just north of Cincinnati. This is a VERY impressive manufacturing plant and our hosts, Mr. Tom Ryan and Timothy Van Tornhout, took time from their busy schedules to show us the processes they provide from beginning to end.
These wheels are in process. The wheels on the left are hardened, but not yet finished machined as the two wheels on the right. Finish machining surfaces after heat treat will provide even closer tolerances.
  Engineered Lifting Systems has been using Xtek products in its designs and applications for the last 6 years with great success.  
Although still in production, this picture shows some of the crane products Xtek offers including Brake Wheels, Crane Wheels, and Sheaves.
I had to take a picture of these bridge wheels; they are ready for heat treat.
  While Xtek started as a company in 1909, the processes, services, and products they supply have continuously been improved. We saw a modern plant that was clean, organized and well maintained. No wonder their products are specified by people who know overhead cranes!  
Here is a rope sheave wheel coming out of the furnace and getting ready to go to the quench.
This picture shows the size of the products they handle at Xtek.
  We spent over 4 hours touring the facility and learning about all the companies under the Xtek name, and the products they offer. If you are going to be in the Cincinnati area I recommend you contact Tom Ryan directly and see the commitment to Xtek’s products and customers. Thanks again to Tom and Tim for taking the time to show Engineered Lifting Systems the plant!